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(De-)Construct Gender

(De-)Construct Gender


May 2015 - January 2016


50.930 Euro


ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e.V.

European partners

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(De-)Construct Gender

What role do gender identities and sexual orientation in their different facets play in the life of younger people in Europe? Where do we experience privileges through gender roles, where do they restrict us? And how can we share the privileges and reclaim our freedom?

A total of 57 young artists from nine countries addressed these questions during a 14-day stay on the North Sea Island of Baltrum. In small interdisciplinary groups, they critically examined gender in our society and created short films, songs, music videos and live performances. In closing, they presented their results in the collective living room of Motoki in Cologne.

Das Foto zeigt einen Mann, der sich als Teil des durch ERASMUS+ geförderten Projektes (De-)Construct Gender schminkt. Hinter ihm befindet sich eine Leinwand, auf der sich eine Frau rasiert.
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This project was funded by Erasmus+