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About us

Who is behind Europe supports culture?

About Us

We are the experts for EU funding for culture in Germany and Austria!

We offer you an overview of 13 EU funding programmes accessible to the cultural sector with Europe supports culture. Our experts have closely examined these 13 programmes and ascertained where cultural projects have a chance of receiving funding.

The website Europe supports culture is a joint project of the Creative Europe Desks CULTURE from Austria and Germany. As Creative Europe Desks CULTURE, both contact points advise creative artists and cultural institutions in their respective countries on funding opportunities through the EU cultural funding programme Creative Europe CULTURE. The services offered by both Desks include advice, information provision and the organisation of events related to the EU’s cultural funding programme.

Europe supports culture is funded by the European Commission within the framework of funding for Creative Europe Desks, the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (AT) and the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media (DE).

If you want to learn more about Creative Europe CULTURE and the services of the Creative Europe Desks CULTURE, please visit our website:

Find the right EU funding for your cultural project!

Step 1:

Use the fund finder to search for the right EU funding for your project idea!

Step 2:

We show you which EU programmes can fit to your project idea.

Step 3:

Read through our texts and find your local contact for a consultation!