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Indeed, Creative Europe is the only EU programme that expressly supports the cultural and creative sector and audiovisual industries. However, all the other EU programmes that we present on our website are also accessible for ideas and projects with a cultural focus. For example, the Erasmus+ educational framework programme is open to projects related to cultural education, or the Horizon Europe research framework programme is open to projects with a focus on cultural studies. So, figuratively speaking, we show you where to find the entry door for a cultural project in the respective EU programme on the individual programme pages.

None of the EU programmes functions according to branch logic; that is something that is applied by many national or regional funding programmes. The EU programmes focus on specific topics. In principle, all EU programmes are open to every branch (in other words, we really mean everything: dance, theatre, circus, music, visual arts, literature, film, design, architecture, cultural heritage, museums, archives, media arts, socioculture, etc.). However, the project should fit the topics of the respective EU programmes. If your dance project is more aimed at cultural education, Erasmus+ could be appropriate, if it concerns the integration of fugitive dancers, the Asylum and Migration Fund (AMIF) would possibly be more appropriate, and when it concerns the digitisation of dance as cultural heritage, Horizon Europe could be considered.

We have thoroughly considered each programme and have identified those parts in each programme that are of relevance to the cultural and creative sectors and that are also most accessible. For us at Europe supports culture, the aim is not to describe each EU programme in its entirety, but to point out where funding opportunities for culture are available. Therefore, for each EU programme you will always find a selection of certain funding areas or pillars of the respective EU programme in the explanation under “What is funded”.

That depends on the EU programme. Unfortunately, there is not only one institution that advises in respect of all EU programmes. Instead, there is at least one contact point per member state for each EU programme. We have therefore selected and listed the respective contact points for each EU programme in Germany and Austria. You will find these on the page of the respective programme, at the beginning of the page under “Contacts”. You could contact these institutions with specific questions about the respective EU programme and regarding application for funding. You will also find the contact points in all other EU countries under “Contacts”.

You can contact the different EU programmes via the respective contact points and enquire there directly. Alternatively, you may also contact us at your Creative Europe Desk CULTURE and we will further assist you with an assessment of your project.