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Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

Asylum, Migration
and Integration Fund

The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) provides support to projects that are concerned with the issues of asylum, migration and integration in the EU. This fund aims to contribute to a sound, realistic and fair European migration policy and assists in the early integration of non-EU citizens, especially those with a refugee background. The primary focus lies on the early social and economic integration of non-EU citizens and on measures to prepare them for active participation and acceptance in the host society. Measures for integration efforts in the medium and long term are not funded through the AMIF, but through the ESF+.

A major part of the fund is implemented directly by the member states in the context of national programmes, so that the specific needs of the individual EU countries can be taken into account. It is precisely at this point that funding opportunities for the cultural and creative sectors open up, since civil society groups are supported within the framework of the national programmes to develop projects related to the issues of asylum, migration and integration. The specific eligibility criteria vary in accordance with how the national programmes are designed by the respective member states.


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Funded projects

Funded projects

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