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Odyssee I – 15 Touren durch die Mitte von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


2015 - 2016


19.550 Euro


Kunstverein Teterow e.V. (DE)

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Odyssee I: 15 TOUREN durch die Mitte von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The focus of the LEADER-funded project “Odyssey” lies on the discovery of cultural attractions in inland Mecklenburg. To this end, more than 60 different stops have been connected to form a total of 15 richly varied tours that lead along winding, rustic country roads to original and historical sights that are off the beaten track of the classic tourist paths along the coast. Nestled in the landscape of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, dotted with hills and lakes, the hidden attractions range from stately manor houses and old fairytale castles to professional artists’ studios and idyllic garden cafés. The diverse tours are conceived as day trips and also offer recommendations for places to rest and stay overnight.

All routes and tips have been thoroughly researched on site and compiled by the authors and local insiders, resulting in a hand-drawn map and a high-quality brochure. This has been published both online and in printed form. This offers nature and culture lovers a select range of regional recommendations and allows them to explore the unique characteristics of this rural region.

In response to the great demand and success of “Odyssey I”, two more tours have been created in a similar collaboration, exploring Mecklenburg’s nature and rural culture off the beaten path.

You can plan your next exploration tour here and browse through the various brochures:

© Kunstverein Teterow e.V, Künstler: Malte Brekenfeld

This project was funded by LEADER.

© Kunstverein Teterow e.V